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Kitchen Cabinet Painting and Refinishing
At Furniture Medic of Kelowna, we know the value in helping you restore what's yours. Sometimes the simplest remedy is adding a fresh coat of paint. Painting kitchen cabinets and furniture is just one of the many services we provide that can make a noticeable difference to your home.

Over the years, your original paint may have faded, picked up minor damage or just not held up with current trends. Just give us a call to handle painting the kitchen cabinets or furniture in your home. Our experts take pride in their work and always get the job done right, every time. When it comes to painting kitchen cabinets, doors, cupboards, furniture and more, Furniture Medic of Kelowna can help.

Furniture Medic of Kelowna Kitchen Cabinet Painting
Furniture Medic of Kelowna Kitchen Cabinet Painting
Benefits of Kitchen Cabinet Painting and Refinishing
  • Improves overall look of kitchen
  • Updates older styles
  • Includes fresh colours to match your style
  • Customizable colours and stains
  • Cost-effective compared to replacements
  • On-site refacing
Furniture Medic of Kelowna Kitchen Cabinet Painting
Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

From kitchen cabinet refinishing to refacing drawers, tabletops, doors and moldings we can breathe new life into your old kitchen. Think of the money you could save when you choose kitchen cabinet refinishing over replacement. In fact, with most people having the “out with the old” mentality, renovations tend to get expensive, but our experts have a better way of improving your kitchen. Rather than buying new fixtures, kitchen cabinet refinishing could be the cost effective solution you're looking for.

Most importantly, our kitchen cabinet refinishing specialists will work on-site with minimal disruption to your daily routine.

We're the perfect option for kitchen cabinet refinishing, so what are you waiting for? Contact Furniture Medic of Kelowna today!